Entry 4

August 24th, 2163 - Quadrant 34-8-12 - MSR2 Nora Greene

Another ten days in space, and all is well! All the systems checked out in the green, and we even had our first crew-wide 'staff meeting.' It consisted of a brief introduction to the officers we may or may not have met yet, and a refresher of our mission statement.

It's funny to me that they waited so long to have a meeting like that. But I suppose attending to our main duties aboard the Zephyr held priority over introductions and making friends. Thinking back on when I woke up I really only had my analysis on my mind. Maybe the rest of the crew was fueled by theat compunction too.

OH something I hadn't realized until the meeting - and no one thought it would be nice to warn me in advance - we have an alien crew emmber! One of the Zed is our ZEHT operator - which makes sense, considering the tech itself is alien. His name - as copied from the crew roster - is Xilin Cthi Linzdar. At least, thats what it is spelled like using our alphabet. I'm pretty sure they could have come up with an easier phonetic spelling, but who knows. From what I gathered, its kind of pronounced like Zee-link-tee Lynn-zar.

Julie introduced me to him after the announcements were made and we had some time to mingle with the rest of the crew. He isn't slimy, or scaley like people say they are, regardless of the tentacles. His skin is actually like a cross between elephant-hide and a stingray. But even when he's all bound up to look like a bipedal being he's pretty tall and lanky. Its sort of like he saw a picture of a human once, and tried to mimic its shape from memory. So his limbs are too long, and his face looks wierd, and where knees would be (I guess?) they bend backwards instead. But hey when nature gives you like thirty noodly tentacles instead of arms and legs, you make do with what you have, right?

Oh. He said that we could call him Zee. 

Also met a guy named Archimedes - what a great name! He looks like a bookworm, but he's really funny and very personable. Now, if only he wasn't married. (Darn!) He's a Flight Engineer, general maintenance. I didn't really get a chance to talk to too many other people, though I think I saw all the crew in one place for the first time. We're a funky bunch of people. But so far everyone seems to get along well enough!
Lets hope it stays that way - I have more blips and beeps to check.

------- End Trans. -------

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