Entry 1

August 4th, 2163 - Border Space - MSR2 Nora Greene

Captain Peterson has encouraged all of us to make good use of the Travel Log program that CRAVEII provides. Each of our rooms has a console with a digital keyboard for our use. Apparently it was one of the updates from our latest overhaul. She told us that it was imperative to record the events of our trip for the pursuit of knowledge and science, or something.

I wish I could be more cohesive, I just got out of cryo ... hours ago, after briefing and eating. My brain still feels like there are ice chips rattling around in there. (I know that's silly, and it doesn't work like that, but the feeling is still there.)

Anyway, I've never had to do this before, so I guess I will just start with my name. I am Mission Specialist Rank 2 Nora Greene, System Analyst for the Zephyr IV. I was recruited by Captain Peterson after touring with her on the UFW Reginald. (That stands for United Forces Warship.) I thought it was really nice of her to think of me, especially on a ship so huge. I was one out of 12 other Analysts, so you could imagine my surprise. We had a few interactions before she asked me, most of which were just work related. Every once in a while she would sit with the techies for meals, maybe she remembered me from that.

Or maybe she just liked my resume?

Anyway, Captain Peterson never struck me as a big military enthusiast, so I'm glad she got to Captain a Zephyr. (She was always looking for the peaceful way out, which is nothing like I would imagine a high ranking UFEC officer to respond to ANY situation. No offense.)

In any case, I obviously agreed, and here I am. I have some bunk mates - three other women in this room at least. One is Gilda Pearson. She's a Mission Specialist too, I met her before Cryo, but she's more a gun-toting marine then anything. She sticks to herself, or hangs out with the other Combat-oriented meat-heads. Sharing my space is Junpin Chen. She's a nurse. And her name is pronounced: Yoon-Pin, not 'jumpin'. (She and Gilda aren't going to get along.)

The last one is Julia Peters, also an RN. Sweetest lady I've ever met. She's really friendly, and we're already talking about going to the mess hall and seeing if we can find snacks. As a matter of fact - here I go.

Oh, CRAVEII updated the crew roster, too, so you can take a look in case you don't know who I'm talking about. I was able to indicate which one is me! But I'm sure whoever is reading this knows their way around a Prime OS. The display through CRAVEII is super flashy and I needed a minute to figure it out, here in my cryo-brained delirium. All the Zephyr information is on the left side there.

Welcome to the Zephyr IV. I'll be sure to obey the Cap and put in some more entries. For now - Snacks.

------ End Trans. -------

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