The Zephyr Project

The Zephyr Project was developed soon after first contact with the alien civilization of the Zed in 2110. After the Earth Coalition was formed in May of 2111, the leading scientists, astronomers and political figures of our age brought together their resources and created the Zephyr Institute for Higher Learning. With this in place, they launched their flagship, the Zephr I, in April of 2115.

The ship was an amalgamation of retired NASA shuttle parts, Space Barges on loan from STAR Industries and privately owned shipping freighters. Zephyr I is still the largest ship in the fleet, at a stunning 1500 meters in length. It had a crew of 2,900 at the maiden voyage, however after the C.R.A.V.E. System was developed in 2119, the crew was minimalized to 1,504 due to the automated adjustments that had been installed.

Zephyr II & III were completed with grants from the Earth Coalition, with attempts to make the vessells more versatile. Zephyr II  is the smallest of the armada at 300 meters long, capable of full atmospheric transition. The vessell also had a skelleton crew of 15 men and women, but was capable of faster travel and had a far more advanced Light Thrust system. It was completed in 2124.

On the other hand, Zephyr III was very much like the Flagship. It was shorter and thinner at 1100 meters, making it capable of emergency entry into most atmospheres.  This ship was also outfitted with the first STAR Industries weapons array made for operation within the vaccum of space. Most of it's systems were also automated by the C.R.A.V.E. I Artificial Intelligence, which nullified the need for a large crew. Zephyr III was completed in 2141.

The Zephyr IV was completed in 2140, as a side project while the Zephyr III was being completed. The ship is 700 meters long, and has a crew of 27. This was the first vessell to integrate the new C.R.A.V.E. II system, as well as the first to utilize the alien fuel source & thruster technology provided by the Zed in trade for some of our agricultural materials.

The Zephyr IV also has the modified STAR Industries Weapons Array, adjusted and reconfigured for a ship smaller in size. Most importantly, it is also outfitted with a modified version of the Zed's shielding technology, which made it a forerunner in it's class.

As of this publication, The Zephyr Institute, and those involved with the Zephyr Project have built 4 other ships, with the help from governemnt Grants and Private firms. Out of these eight ships within the armada, only one has ceased to return transmitions. (Zephyr VI.)

We have catalogued over 4,000 different materials found past Border-Space, and have made contact with one other sentient alien race, known as the Gryflin. With the help of our sponsors and staff, the Zephyr Project has maintained peace and prosperity for Earth, The Gryflin and the Zed for over 50 years.

It is the year 2163, and we believe that each of the Zephyr Ships is still sailing past Border-Space, discovering wonders for the betterment of all humanity. We wish each Zephyr voyager Godspeed, and safe journey through the unknown.

Our goals are to maintain a peaceful relations with the Zed and the Gryflin, reach out to any other alien civilizations that may be past Border-Space, and to research, catalogue, and discover new forms of life and materials in space.
(Please see our Mission Statement.)