Entry 3

August 13th, 2163 - Border Space - MSR2 Nora Greene

I was watching some of the Mission Specialist do their exercizes, and realized it had been a few days since I updated my Logs. At least I know I'm not slacking the most - I don't think Gilda has even looked at CoreComm since she woke up. Seems like she thinks the whole Log projects is too close to keeping a sissy diary.

Heaven forbid she acts like a sissy.

Anyway, their drills were fun to watch for a while, but now I'm bored and figured it was as good a time as any to update you. It has been about 9 days since we all woke up, and so far no terrible things have befallen us! I watched a lot of space-movies when I was growing up, so trust me, I was prepared for calamity.

Oh geez, I haven't really described myself. I don't know if thats a thing or not, because I figure the LAST Log people are going to want to read about is the System Analyst's account. But oh well. I'm average height, certainly not tall, but not short either. I've got light brown hair that I keep pretty short so it stays out of my face, and I have hazel eyes and what my mom calls a 'button nose.' I'm an only child, raised by a single mom and I went into military school as early as they would let me.

Now that the personal bit is out of the way, let me tell you how the Zephyr IV is doing! All systems are in the green, and the cryo-tubes are at 38% capacity. (They have to recharge before they are used again.) CRAVEII seems to be taking ahold of the secondary systems with ease - things like CoreComm transmissions, inner-ship comms & atmosphere generators (like the windows that have scenery in them, or the temperature regulators.)

Speaking of which, CRAVEII (Crave for short,) is a really well programmed A.I. She's comprehensive, and takes direction without fail. Her imperatives are pretty basic - preserve the crew then the mission, etc... but she understands a lot of nuances of the language which I didn't expect. Liek 'cool.' I'm used to A.I.'s making some comment like 'Oh, I apologize if the temperature is not to your liking.'

But Crave, instead of commenting about temperature, acknowledged the slang. It was neat.

Well, Julie's here, and its time for Lunch, so I'm going to wrap this up. So far, so good! Signing off.

------- End Trans. --------

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