Entry 5

September 2nd, 2163 - Quadrant 34-8-12 - MSR2 Nora Greene

I've been functioning in space for about a month now! Happy anniversary! Today is Mickey's birthday! A bunch of us got together and made him a ridiculously large card. Almost everyone signed it, too, except some of the muscle. (They haven't been very social as a rule. Except with each other.) Also, instead of singing Happy Birthday, we all sang 'Oh Mickey, you're so fine.'

Oh. Right, Mickey is Kevin Michaels, FER2 Shuttle Operations. He's the one who will pilot our escape pods if something happens to the Zephyr. He's been kind of bored lately, considering that the shuttles were the first systems I checked after the primaries. (Thats protocol.) Let me tell you about Mickey: He's about 6'2" and looks Samoan. He's a densely built kind of guy, and if you didn't reach out and poke him you would think it was more fluff then muscle. He's always complaining about how when he was enlisted for the project they made shave off all his hair.

He showed us a picture of him from before and he looks like a caveman! I felt bad for him, too after that. I was jealous of those luscious locks.  Every once and a while we catch him staring forlornly into the mirror. Anyway, he's really nice, funny, jolly kind of guy with a wicked sense of humor and has the demeanor of a guy who will always listen if you need to talk. He and Junpin get along quiiiiiiite well. (Wink wink?)

Oh, by 'We' I mean Julia, Royce, Maria and Myself mainly. It would seem we've built a small group for ourselves, nurses and lunch ladies with the one analyst. I like it, its diverse.

And now for the big news - There is a mystery afoot!

Last night I got up to get myself a drink and as I was walking back to my bunk I heard music. Violin music. I kind of stood there in a half-asleep daze and listened to it for a minute before I decided to go see. CRAVE told me what room the music was coming from (The Starboard Rec. Room) and sure enough, as I went the music got louder. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard - a slow, nostalgic sort of melody that gave the whole walk a dream-like quality. But by the time I reached the Rec Room te music had stopped and there was no one there.

What is more interesting? CRAVE refused to tell me who was playing.

So naturally, I am determined to discover who it is. Lets see if they play tonight!

------- End Trans. -------

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