Entry 2

It has been a hectic few days out here in Border Space. I've been busy doing system checks almost non stop. In the server core its really hard to tell how much time goes by. At least in the halls the lights change so it at least FEELS like a different time of day.

I've been eating my meals (When I make it in time) with the two RNs in my bunk room, Junpin and Julia. Me and Julia (Excuse me, Julia and I,)  are getting along great! We both like the same music, and had alot of similar hobbies back on Earth, like biking and kayaking and outdoors stuff. Junpin looked at us like we were insane, then asked us why the hell were we on a spaceship if we were outdoorsy people.

Me and Julia just looked at each other, and she said exactly what I was thinking: "Because we're going to find NEW outdoorsy places, and we're going to experience them FIRST." As an afterthought, you know, when the giggling stopped, I added that our mission was important, and that we could do a lot of good out here, and the fact that I may not see a bicycle for a few years isn't that big of a deal.

Junpin muttered, "Not yet."

I met a few more crew members - honestly, its a bit fuzzy because I've been so focused on my work. I remember a few pretty specifically. There's Archie - Short for Archimedes, how cool is that! - with a last name I couldn't even try to spell, so I'm copying it from the crew roster. Triplozenski. He's a Flight Engineer, and a really funny guy. He and Gilda knew each other from before, and she introduced us. He's a slender kind of guy, with one of those long faces and really bouncy eyebrows that look like they pop right off of his head when he looks surprised. He has really long arms and hands, and a genuine sort of smile.

Then there's Sargent Morris Baxter and his Ensigns, Maria and Royce. He's the chef, and the other two are his peppy little lackeys. They're pretty chipper people, which sort of alarmed me the first day or two. Me and Julia hypothesized that they had something special in their Cryo-juice. Apparently they're just peppy. Which is hilarious, because the Sargent is this ex-drill Sargent Marine who seems like he'd be more comfortable shouting orders in a war zone then serving processed steak to researchers.

I like them though - They drive Junpin up the wall with their pep, but I think it's nice to see happy faces. I'm just an optimist like that, I suppose.

Well, I'm going to look over more read-outs of system schematics. Hope I'm doing this transmission thing right. Nothing of super note has occurred yet, but the Cap still wants us taking notes.

------- End Trans. -------

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