Alien Contact

Humanity strives for contact with other sentient races beyond their space. Their patience and determination was rewarded in 2110, when the 'Zed' made contact with Earth. In 2150, with the help of the Zed, another alien race known as the Gryflin also made contact.

The Zed
The Aliens affectionately known as the 'Zed' are an extremely intelligent race filled with insight, wisdom and ingenuity. Their technology has advanced human technology leaps and bounds since the alliance was formed with their leaders and the Earth Coalition.

Their structure is remeniscent of a cross between reptilian and cephalopod. Their bodies consist of a central 'torso' and approximately twenty tentacles that branch out from this main body to form their limbs. They are capable of winding themselves together to form differing shapes in order to make whatever race they speak with more comfortable with their appearance. Each tentacle (all of which are void of suction cups) ends in a set of three 'claws' that are multi-purpose graspers. They have large eyes, and an amazing metabolism.

Image supplied by MSR2 Nora Greene

The Gryflin
The Gryflin were introduced to us through the Zed.  They are quadropedal mammilians that have exceptional social graces. Their technology is very basic in comparison to the Zed, however, with aid from the Earth Coalition and the Zed they are slowly advancing along with us.

As mentioned, the Gryflin are quadropedal and likened to Mammals. Their bodies are covered in fur and their limbs each end in a 'hand' with four 'fingers' for grasping. They have extended jaws and sinus cavities, with sunken eye sockets that limit their vision. Their speech is difficult to follow, but they have developed a fascinating way of dialoging within their minds that scientists have been attempting to duplicate int he hopes of better communication with them.