Zephyr IV

Ship History:

The Zephyr IV was completed in 2138, as a side project while the Zephyr III was being completed. The ship is 700 meters long, and has a crew of 28. This was the first vessell to integrate the new C.R.A.V.E. II system, as well as the first to utilize the alien fuel source & thruster technology provided by the Zed in trade for some of our agricultural materials.

The Zephyr IV also has the modified STAR Industries Weapons Array, adjusted and reconfigured for a ship smaller in size. Most importantly, it is also outfitted with a modified version of the Zed's shielding technology, which made it a forerunner in it's class.

The first captain of the Zephyr IV was Captain Roger Lewis, of UFEC (United Forces of the Earth Coalition). His crew served for 10 years before the Zephyr IV had to be brought in for an overhaul and system reconfigurement. Captain Roger Lewis took Command of the Zephyr IV on it's second trip to Border Space as well, returning it safely to Tech-dock on STAR Inductries Moon Research Facility.

After 3 months of overhaul and refurbishing, the Zephyr IV has been cast out for it's third tour of Border Space. UFEC Captain Irene Patterson volunteered for the position as soon as she heard that a Zephyr was in the Tech-Docks for Overhaul.

  • Ship Type - Distance Hauler (Light Arms, Mid-range Storage.)
  • Dimensions - 715m Length, 280m Width, 210m Depth
  • Propulsion System - ZEHT 1.1 (Zed Enhanced Hyper Thrust)
  • A.I. - C.R.A.V.E. II
  • Communications - CoreComm satelite links and Prime OS
  • Defenses - STAR Weapons Array 2.0 & the ZEPS system (Zed Enhanced Plasma Shielding.)