Entry 10

November 3rd, 2163 - Border Space - MSR2 Nora Greene

What a Weekend.
I know that weekends in space are different, and that we all kind of work all the time, but this counts as a bonafide weekend.

It started with me and Julia trying to figure out a costume. We weren't the only ones, either. We ended up spending a lot of time with Lin Yang, an engineer who works with Archie. She's sort of the total opposite of Junpin, is always happy, and loves, loves, loves her work. She was hot-gluing scrap metal and broken bits of spare machinery together and said she was making herself into an android. (She was a lot of fun at the party too.)

Julia and I thought up all sorts of really dumb costume ideas. We were going to turn our jump suits inside out and make paper name tags to pretend to be garage attendants.  Another idea was to put medical tubing in our hair and being a pair of gorgons. The final decision was using our bed sheets as togas and going as a pair of muses. We did each others hair (or rather, Julia did mine, and I valiantly attempted to do hers. Junpin fixed it.)

Saturday started out like a normal day; we all did our work, I checked the systems and found no out-of-place anomalies. When it approached 1900 hours Julia and I got ready and we all piled into the hanger. They did a pretty good job for last minute, like the Space Prom. People had made little cut-out pumpkins and skulls and things, and there was more punch and snack foods, and we even had a bobbing for apples. (They were totally fabricated - no stems, cores or pits!) The Captain didn't want us wasting our real fruit on a game, but I think the fake ones were actually MORE challenging.

Masaru was there, of course. He had on a Phantom of the Opera mask. (I don't watch or listen to musicals, so I had to have Lin explain it to me because she seemed to be the only other one who knew other then Archie.) His dress uniform ins in black, so he just had some artfully cut and pinned bits of paper to hide his name tag and serial number.

I remember that he asked me to dance once. It was very nice until I tripped on the end of my toga and almost flashed the rest of the crew. Julia helped me flee to fix my garment, but when I returned, Masaru was dancing with Lin and then had to leave.

I managed to pass off my disappointment with some more fermented/processed/ punch stuff. It was fun I think, until that point I can't remember.

Sunday was a total loss. I woke up in our bunk, told CRAVE to do a system scan and to let me know if anything goes wrong. Nothing did. Julia came in from time to time and fed me. CRAVE fabricated some vitamin juice for me (as well as several other people, mainly marines I was told.)

Monday was the I'm-going-to-do-my-job-so-that-no-one sees me. Julia was convinced I should go talk to him. But c'mon. I don't THINK I made a scene, but how can I be sure? Julia says I was fine bur... If you haven't figure it out yet, I'm a bit self conscious.

Today was a lot of the same... Man I am so gutless. I'm out in space with all of these people, and I can't even muster up the courage to laugh at myself.

Oh God I hope I didn't say anything TOO humiliating.

------- End Trans.-------