Entry 6

September 15nd, 2163 - Border Space - MSR2 Nora Greene

Another week or so gone by since my last entry. A lot of little things needing to get done before we hit border space. For those who don't know, Border Space is the belt around our Galaxy that divides our space from the space of other known alien species. We were in hypersleep for the trip to the edge, and before we hit it we had to wake up and make sure everything works. AND we had to run all sorts of drills and things in case of emergencies.

But enough of the boring stuff - my hunt continues. Almost every night I would leave my room and hear the violin playing somewhere in the ship. All my attempts to hound down the mysterious virtuoso have failed. Why? I think CRAVE is helping them to remain anonymous.

It's fascinating, really, how much of a personality CRAVE has been able to adapt from the crew. I've heard her say 'Cool' at least a dozen times, and the other day, I am 100% certain she was being sarcastic at me. I had a cup of coffee with me in the Aft Duct Cross Chamber for my morning analysis, and of course being half asleep and anxious for some brew, I took a big ol' sip and scalded my tongue. Naturally I let out a slew of curses. CRAVE blipped in to ask if I was all right, and I said I was fine but the coffee was super hot.

She responded, "I imagine that's why it says 'hot' on the cup."

Pretty spectacular!

CRAVE and Zee get along the best I think. Sometimes I catch them talking in Zee's native language, which sounds really cool, like a cross between popping bubbles, purring, and someone clicking a remote control at lightspeed.

Where was I getting at? Oh that's right - the Mystery Virtuoso. I told Julia about it and now we both get up to scour the ship. This morning over coffee she told me that she's convinced that whoever was practicing was in Starboard Rec. Room, and then CRAVE would give them a heads up in time to escape being seen. We're devising a plan to corner them on the way back to their bunk.

It's the little things that get me through the day, you know?

------- End Trans. -------

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