Entry 13

December 29th - Sector Q247 - MSR2 Nora Greene

The Zephyr IV has been chaos. Because of the fluctuating morale of the crew, CRAVE and the Captain have taken it upon themselves to create all sorts of activities for us. At one point just before Christmas Morning, we had a cultural holiday breakfast, with a kosher dinner served in the mess hall that evening. (I am constantly amazed by the calibrations of our food processor.)

After that, a couple of the crew got together and meandered around the ship singing every carol they could remember (Including not-carols, like Dreidel, Dreidel.) The Marines tipped them in cigarettes. The nurses tipped them in colorful band-aids and we techies tipped them in origami analysis printouts made from scrap paper.

Mickey was singing, and surprise, he was pretty good! The greatest voice of all however, was Sargent of Communications, Wesley Hadley. He had that sort of deep, booming voice that demanded silence and awe. I haven't hung out with him really, but he is a little intimidating. His dark skin is perfect, his eyes are mysterious and piercing, and he's also about 6'6". So he's flipping tall.  Zee trailed around with them too, and by the end he was humming along too. Very harmonious.

Masaru played the Violin.

The Marines are hosting a weekly poker night, bargaining and betting on chores and cigarettes. (We can apparently smoke in one of the airlocks. They have atmo-cleansers in it so the smoke is flushed out when they're done.)

Christmas itself was nice. CRAVE changed the font and color of the analysis displays to red and green and There was always some sort of minty, festive dessert in the mess hall. And cookies. SO many cookies I could die. I think the sugar content alone made people feel better. Gift giving was sparse, obviously because where were we going to shop for anything? But... I did get hand made cards from people, and I sent out some CoreComm e-mails filled with cheer.

Lin is hosting a craft night. Julia wants me to go with her this week.I told her no originally, then Lin came up and asked me too. I'm thinking about it. Besides. I can't be in this crappy mood forever. I have to get over myself (and them) sooner rather then later. I'm going to be on this ship FOREVER so I may as well start now, right?

Apparently there is some fancy New Years Craft Thing they're doing. Julia is super excited, and she's contagious when she gets that way. (Except to Junpin. Junpin is immune.)

------- End Trans. -------

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